Who is the David Lee Martin guy anyways?

Hi there, my name is David Lee Martin. I have been producing, publishing, marketing online (promoting!) and profiting from my internet business(es) for a good few years now.

I have made every mistake in the book, as well as a few successes.

Among my better judgements have been the development of an online membership based school, numerous ebooks, Kindle books and printed counterparts (which cost nothing to set up and produce, very cool), DVDs, online video courses, MP3 training courses in several arenas and more.

I have also learned some Search Engine Optimisation keys and have ranked for some coveted keywords for sites I have been developing at different times. It is a changing landscape, but solid strategies always ride the storms.

Needless to say, along the way I have learned a few choice nuggets that are well worth sharing with others who are on a similar journey to financial freedom and a less stressful lifestyle.

If you are already on the road, let’s walk together.

New to the whole internet make money online thing?

Come on in, join the club, and learn from my mistakes and victories.

What will you find here?

As I mentioned earlier, I have lots of sites up and running in different arenas.

My major ones are Christian sites teaching about Jesus, the Bible and walking in the Spirit (yep, believe it or not I am unashamedly an ordained Christian minister). This faith in God thing, and a wholehearted belief in His goodness and plans to prosper each one of us in every way, inevitably seeps into all that I do, but that is not the focus of this personal site.

Here you will find practical keys shared and explained that will help you get your message out, develop a solid sustainable web presence, develop cool relevant products for your market (particularly information products), and learn simple steps to prosper and make money online using your computer (without selling out, compromising or becoming an ass).

It really is quite cool when you realise that you are not bound to a J.O.B. (meaning “just over broke” for many) for the rest of your life, but that there are real, solid, scaleable strategies that can lift you into a new place financially, socially and ultimately give you a much greater freedom to enjoy life, share your message with a great multitude of people who really do want to hear what you have to say, and profit from your passion.

Why listen to me?

Dude, there are a lot of places you can go and get information about succeeding online. And that is great. I’m not going to try and convince you that I’m ‘Da Man’, or any such thing.

All I promise is that you will get honest talk, interaction, and real life information that is working right now in cyber space to help and encourage others, and make great money whilst doing so.

I will not harass you, hype you or hyperventilate with any of that online marketing stupidity that is so full of overinflated promises, but I will share genuine keys that I think you will enjoy and feel ready to implement in your own online business journey.

I’m a real guy, and will actually respond to your questions as best I can if you have anything you would like to ask. It won’t be a VA, but really me who will respond!

It’s the kind of help and info I would have loved when I was first starting out. Boy, that would have saved me a heap of time!

Anyways, enough about me. What about you? What are your dreams and ambitions?

I sincerely hope that I can encourage them through what I share (and sell – yep, sometimes there are things I recommend that I know will help others just like they have helped me).


David Lee Martin

David Lee Martin



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