We all realise that our presence online is a reality nowadays. Even the most untethered among us has some kind of profile online, if only a gmail address, or a Facebook account. But what do we do if we want to harness and groom our online presence and determine what people find if they discover us online?

Well, there are a number of things that are important, but if we go through each and every one right now your brain might explode. That wouldn’t be helpful.

But here’s something really simple that you can do right now. 20 minutes or less, and you will be done. Believe me, if not now, you will be thankful later that you did.

What is it?


(or the name of your company or your brand or your product)

Your name is precious. It locates you. It can define you.

When people look for you on the internet. Google is a mini-king if you did not already know. People actually believe what Google delivers to them.

Who turns up if your name is searched?

Martin_DavidI discovered that a Cedartown convict was one of the nice characters who shared my online profile when people looked for “David Lee Martin”. Mmmm, maybe I should do something to change that.

Here’s the pic of my namesake. Not sure I would want to buy from him, or invite him to speak in my church?

But how do we craft the virtual real estate and make it our own. How do we determine and sculpt the results that people see when they look for us online?

Here’s the rub. It’s gonna take some time. But every journey begins with the fist wise steps. Wise, I said.

Do this!

Consider what you want to be famous for. Decide your destination before you take your first step. And then move forward.

Don’t do this!

Often it is the first steps that are the most intimidating. We second guess ourselves so much, questioning whether anyone would ever want to listen to what we have to say any ways, and in doing so stall and postpone getting things in place.

Let me assure you. If you don’t move now, you may regret it later.

Then do this!

Online real estate is precious, and you need to stake your claim to your name! Whether it is your personal name, business name, brand – whatever.

Do the following at the nearest opportunity:

  • Set up a Twitter account
  • Set up a Facebook fan page
  • Set up a Gmail and Google plus account
  • Set up a LinkedIn account

If at all possible get your actual name on these platforms. Don’t go for some strange obscure, “Chubbycheeks576”, kind of name.

There are other platforms that can be helpful too such as Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram

Some people think it humble to want just enough. But enough is not enough when others still remain in lack and want.

More than enough allows us to overflow to others generously, meeting their needs as well as our own.

We are called to share our knowledge, our love, our time, our money, our resources – showering blessings upon as many as we can find.

It is selfish to desire anything less is it not? Let me know what you think.

If we establish a generous habit and cultivate a giving nature even when we don’t have much, that nature can be greatly used when we break through into abundance.

pass the generous test right now, and qualify for promotion to abundance.

Believe for it, ask for it, and look for ways to share the fruit of your favour with others wherever you go!

I will be honest with you. I struggled with this for a long time. It seemed somehow wrong to profit from my labours of love. Would it not be selling out?

So what changed?

I realised that it is an exchange of value that is taking place, not some cold, unfriendly transaction.

All too often we undervalue what we have to offer.

It really is ok to exchange what you know and have to share, for money. Money in itself is just a measure of value, making the exchange easy and simple.

Once I realised that I am offering value, packaged into a product, a book, a DVD, a training course, or whatever, it became easy and natural to share and profit from that sharing. Why? Because I know that it is not physical (or digital) pages, or a round piece of shiny metal (a DVD or CD) I am sharing – it is the immense value of what lies within those pages, or on that DVD that counts. And, believe me, what I share is far more valuable than any $ amount I charge.

People are happy to buy when they know they will receive something of real lasting value in return.

Your job is to ensure that the value you pack into your products or services far outweighs the exchange your customers offer in return.

And this is not hard if you are pouring our your heart and passion into what you produce.

Profit is the overflow, the inevitable byproduct, of a genuine passion shared and packaged so it can be distributed further afield.

Would it not be selfish to keep things small? Absolutely.

There are more people out there who need what you have to give. Produce, Publish, Promote so you can reach them, and then profit from a mutually beneficial relationship as you exchange value.

Some people shy away from the idea of pushing themselves on others. I understand the reluctance. We have all had a gutful of over inflated egos spilling their rhetoric on us all.

But promotion does not need to be marked by hype and over exaggeration.

Promotion, to me at least, is essentially tied to another word – platform. Or another – presence.

As we develop our online presence, and build a stronger and stronger platform to speak and communicate from, promotion takes care of itself. More people are exposed to what we have to offer, whether it be a product, an idea, a cause, a message. Whatever.

It’s all about leverage. Taking the various opportunities that are at our fingertips, sharing our value across as many of those platforms that are available to us, and thereby expanding our web presence.

Read that again. In fact, let me read the important point to you – we share value.

Let that be alight build moment. You have something valuable to share. Not sell.

Money will be an inevitable outcome when you honestly and genuinely share value with others. The more value you share, with more and more people, the more money will willingly be returned to you in gratitude.

But your focus is on what you sow. What can you give.

When people look for what we have to offer, be sure to be there in the road to meet them.

Whereas at one time it was the vendor who went looking for the customer, today it is often the other way around. The customer is searching, and we just ensure through actionable keys that we are positioned to be readily and easily found by them.

This may be in the search engines, social networks, media outlets, on Amazon, iTunes and a host of other possible avenues.

Yep, the list is incredible, and you have a free ticket to get involved.

The party is already happening. Are you going to come in and join the dance?

At one time publishing was the territory of the very lucky, the extremely talented, the well connected or the well financed. It was a dream of many, but closed to most.

But, thank god! things have changed.

The walls have come tumbling down, and anyone. Yes, anyone. That means you. Anyone can publish their thoughts and message to the world.

And before you ask. It is free.

At no cost you can sell digital and physical editions of your own book, on any subject, across the biggest marketplaces in the world.

It costs nothing to do other than your time and talent (or the talent of someone else you hire – it’s not expensive, believe me). And when your book sells, you share a little of the profit, and then enjoy income deposited into your account month after month.

Wow! How things have changed.

With nothing more than a passionate heart, a message to share, a story to tell, a skill to teach, or an idea to promote, a little time, and a willingness to learn a few new skills, you can be on the road to a whole new world of influence and income.

And this is not the territory of only the digital genius. I know people from age 10 through to the grey haired granny who are cashing in on this radical publishing revolution that is taking place right now as you read.

But publishing is not restricted to just books. How about a radio station, a television show, DVDs and digital downloads, email training series, online school rooms – man, there is no limit to the avenues you you can utilise to spread your message and share your passion.

This blog is an example. I am publishing right now, and clearly people are reading (unless you are a figment of my imagination đŸ™‚ ). You have something to share, and the internet has provided a platform for each one of us to hitch a lift and teach a massive global audience.

Get with the plan and jump on board. There are ears and eyes looking to grab hold of what you have to share with them.


If you are interested in writing for a spiritual/inspirational marketplace, you may enjoy my recent course which was published in the last couple of weeks. It outlines clearly and simply how to create and publish to this very hungry and lucrative market in the Amazon marketplace, and of course, Scrivener is the best tool to help you make that happen! If this sounds interesting just do a quick search for “kinspired books” and take a look. Have a great day!


Creativity is who we are. Yep, you read that right. It is not just what we do, it is more fundamental and inherent than just our actions or products.

Without creative expression the human spirit is destined to perpetual frustration. Why? because you were made to produce, to be fruitful, to overflow to others, to be recognised and commended for who you are and for what you do.

Human beings were not designed to be cardboard cutouts, going through life without producing anything of worth. Each individual has something wonderful and unique to share with the world.

Is anyone without worth? Incapable of greatness? No way – right from the outset the blessing of the Creator endued humanity with an incredible capacity for expansive creative expression.

It takes only a moment to see the reality of this all around us!

Believe in yourself

You may not believe in the Source like I do, each of us has liberty to believe what we like, but if nothing else – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

You are an amazing, incredible, awesome, overflowing powerhouse of potential. It is the way you were made to be.

Be ready to step beyond the nagging self doubt that seeks to keep you small. Step up to the plate and PRODUCE.

Learn a few key online communication skills and product creation keys (believe me, they are not so difficult to grasp), and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.